Thought Leadership Overview
By James R. Love
As a leading provider of services to Covered Entities participating in the 340B Drug Pricing Program, Wellpartner is committed to identifying and analyzing all of the key issues affecting the Program, and sharing our point of view with you. Being at the forefront of change positions Wellpartner and our clients to positively influence the future, as well as prepare for it.

Empowering customers, through serving as a trusted source of meaningful 340B industry information, is integral to our efforts to perform at a genuine partnership level. Beyond delivering our industry-leading products and services, we provide Wellpartner Thought Leadership.

Last month we launched our initial Wellpartner Thought Leadership brief, 340B Aware and Beware, which discussed the three fundamental objectives of every 340B Program: compliance, savings optimization and cost control methodologies.

In the coming months, you can expect Wellpartner Thought Leadership issue briefs on subjects that include:

  • The November Elections. On both the national and local levels, the November elections may profoundly impact the 340B Program. We will offer our perspective on the elections. Importantly, we will also provide our views on what Covered Entities should be doing both before and after the elections.
  • The Use of Multiple Pharmacy Administrators. Employing multiple administrators to manage a contract pharmacy network has benefits and drawbacks. We will analyze these in detail, providing the framework to deploy the most effective and efficient strategy for your organization.
  • Pricing Models. Much like the pharmacy benefit management industry, the 340B industry has multiple pricing methodologies, many of which are vague, and are not aligned with Covered Entities’ needs. Our analysis will attempt to eliminate ambiguity, and identify pricing models that best align with your interests.
  • Ryan White Grantees. As one of the key beneficiaries, Ryan White Centers have unique opportunities and challenges in optimizing their 340B Programs. We will provide a detailed look at these, and offer our suggestions for how a Ryan White Grantee can best optimize its 340B Program.
  • True 340B Savings. Calculating the “true savings” of a 340B Program is both complicated and difficult. We will shed light on the unseen values and costs, and illuminate what you can request of your administrators, contract pharmacies and drug distributors, in order to make the calculation transparent.
  • Effective Account Management. Optimization of a 340B Program does not stop at the conclusion of implementation. Ongoing effective account management continually improves services and program performance. We will define effective account management, and illustrate how teaming with a partner that delivers these services utilizing best practices can optimize a 340B Program.

Through our daily interaction with hundreds of Covered Entity clients, ranging from large DSH hospitals to small FQHCs, Wellpartner has a unique view of the 340B Program, from how it works, to how it should work. We also understand the unique challenges the Program imposes on Covered Entities. Most importantly, we understand and fully support the Program mission…to help Covered Entities stretch scarce Federal resources, as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services.

We look forward to sharing our Wellpartner Thought Leadership with you. We also invite you to provide us with feedback. From comments on our analyses to recommendations on future topics, we welcome all of your input.

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James R. Love

September 14, 2016